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I stole this from [livejournal.com profile] saone77 and I hope she doesn't mind.

So...we should all create a picture post of your top 10 (15/20/100/whatever trips your trigger) hotties. Male or female, whatever. Beauty is beauty. That way, when we all log in on V-Day, our flist is full of yummies to look at. Who you post up is strictly up to you. Post pictures of whomever turns you on or inside out.

Jared and Jensen

The order doesn't matter here, though arguments can be (and have been) made for either side. I suppose this is the most inevitable choice, but come on. Look at those faces!


Okay, so the story goes like this:

I saw this performance

and I said, "Jfc, I want her to have my babies someday."

Unfortunately, she's already adorably, crazy in love with this guy,

so he got there first.

I now fully understand the term MILF.

Tina Fey

There is nothing sexier, at least to me, than brains and wit. 'Nuff said.

Hilarie Burton

I remember watching TRL the day Carson Daly plucked Hilarie Burton out of obscurity on the street and gave her a job as a correspondent for the VMA's. My crush started way back then, lasted through a couple of seasons of One Tree Hill, and then came roaring back to life during her turn as Sara Ellis on White Collar.

And, of course, speaking of White Collar,

Matt Bomer

The man is just stupidly beautiful. I don't know what else to tell you.

Kate Moennig

I tried to find a picture that would convey the Shane swagger that I loved so much on The L Word, but this is my all-time favorite picture, so I just went with that instead.

Though I will throw this in as a bonus tribute to one of my favorite television couples of all time:

Shannyn Sossoman

Yes, she did play Jensen's love interest/possible demon mother in Devour, but she's also smokin' hot AND irresistibly adorable at the same time.

David Beckham

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love the tats and his face, but it's that ass that kills me EVERY TIME.

Ruby Rose

I found a picture of Ruby Rose, a VJ for MTV Australia, while I was looking for girl!Jensen inspiration. I then spent the next three hours watching her interview celebrities on YouTube.

Bonus points because she's hot as a brunette AND as a blond.

And now, because I'm tired of copying and pasting code, I will be finished. There's probably someone I forgot - or hotter pictures I could have found. If you have any, feel free to spam me with them here!
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