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Title: Just Drive
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 1500
Rating: PG

Summary: Jared has a plan, albeit a vague one, and Jensen is just along for the ride. (with one blink-and-you'll-miss-it spoiler for 5.22 and without a beta due to time)
Written for [livejournal.com profile] silverbullets with [livejournal.com profile] latentfunction's prompt brown-bag lunch.

“Are you ever gonna tell me where we're going?”

Jared casts a glance to the passenger's seat to see Jensen reclining against the door, his body angled toward Jared with one arm stretched over the back of the seat. Jensen's eyes are half-lidded, as though he hasn't yet decided if he should wake up and be part of this adventure or just fall back to sleep and pretend he didn't get kidnapped at six in the morning for as yet unexplained reasons.

“You'll see,” is all Jared offers with a soft smirk, his own eyes fixed back on the freeway that leads away from home.

“You are one smug son of a bitch, you know that?” With a grunt, Jensen pulls himself a seated position and reaches for the coffee cup in the holder between their seats. “I'm gonna say I hate wherever we end up after this just to piss you off.”

Jared can't hold his smile at bay as he maneuvers the early-morning rush of traffic. “You're gonna be too overcome with joy to hate it,” he predicts, though he isn't sure it's true. Maybe if he had a better idea of where they were going himself, it would be a different story. Still, he's not about to let Jensen know that.

“We'll see,” is all Jensen says, settling down into the corner of his seat again and crossing his arms over his chest. He pulls his sunglasses down over his eyes even though the sun has yet to rise. “We gonna take a pit stop any time soon? I need to stretch my legs,” he adds in a sleep-rough voice that's barely audible over the speed rush sounds of the road beneath the truck.

“Fuckin' hell, man, you are the biggest whiner I have ever met,” Jared fires back with a roll of his eyes and a grin that says he'll listen to Jensen complain about anything, any time. It's not as though Jensen doesn't already know that.

“Better than bein' the biggest wiener, I guess,” is Jensen's brilliant, mature retort.

“But not better than having the biggest wiener,” Jared points out.

Jensen nods his concession with a pointed smirk that fades as he turns his face toward the window. “You'd know,” he breathes just loud enough for Jared to catch the words.

When Jared exits the freeway and turns onto a small interstate leading out of the city, he cuts a glance to Jensen again, waiting for another question about where the hell they're going and why they had to leave at six in the morning to get there.

Instead, Jensen just leans forward and cranks the volume on the radio. “What?” he asks when Jared's face must give away some of his surprise. “It's not like you're gonna tell me, so what's the point in askin'?”

He falls asleep soon after that, leaving Jared alone with his thoughts and an ever-expanding stretch of road that's more or less deserted this time of morning. Soon, they'll run into the morning commuters again, but for now it's nice to be alone with his thoughts and Jensen's relaxing presence at his side.

It's probably a stupid idea, taken from the most embarrassing of places. When Jared read the lines in the final script of season five, though, he couldn't stop thinking about doing something like this. They could go anywhere and do anything. They drove a thousand miles for an Ozzy concert. Two days for a Jayhawks game.

He has no intention of stopping to stare dopily at the stars with Jensen, but the idea of just piling into the truck and driving until they couldn't anymore stuck in Jared's brain and hasn't let go. Once they wrapped the season and rested up for a couple of days, he put the plan into action.

Except it's not really much of a plan. He doesn't know where they're going or what they're doing once they get there. It's not as if they couldn't have just locked themselves in the house for a couple of days and turned off their phones for privacy or something. There's no reason for this trip at all outside of Jared's ridiculous sense of whimsy.

It is beautiful, the sprawling mountains that fade into one-horse towns and back to forests and fields as he drives. He wonders if Sam and Dean ever stop thinking about the end of the world and the things that go bump in the night long enough to appreciate the two-lanes they're traveling. Then he laughs at himself for giving much thought to the extraneous lives of fictional characters, even if they do seem more real to him than his own family at times.

By the time Jensen jerks awake a couple of hours later, Jared has rolled his window down and is enjoying the fresh air he wouldn't have if they'd gone to LA this weekend.

“Morning, Princess,” Jared greets, laughing out right when Jensen takes a healthy swig of his cold coffee and then twists his face at the taste of it. “Yeah, that's probably not good anymore.”

“Shuddup,” Jensen growls, rolling his own window down and turning his face to the breeze. “Where are we?” Jared just shrugs, prompting Jensen to roll his eyes. “Right. Never mind. Dude, we're gonna have to stop at some point, unless you want me to piss on your upholstery.”

Fortunately, Jared noticed the rest stop sign a mile or so back. Whipping into the parking lot, he kills the engine and stretches his arms as best he can in the cramped cab of the truck. “Tell me I’m not the best damn chauffer you’ve ever had.”

Jensen just huffs and pushes his door open with his shoulder. “You’ll be the best when you find me some food that doesn’t come out of a vending machine,” he challenges, jogging toward the welcome center without a backward glance.

It’s clear by the way Jensen’s eyes widen upon his return that he wasn’t actually expecting Jared to find food that didn’t come out of a vending machine before he got done in the bathroom. He makes his way over to the lone picnic table in the rest stop yard while Jared is pulling two sandwiches, a box of Jensen's favorite crackers, and a Rubbermaid container of potato salad from a brown grocery sack.

“What?” Jared asks when Jensen quirks an eyebrow at him. “Have you met me? I like to eat sometimes, too, man.”

Jensen snorts and grabs a bottle of water from Jared’s hand. Jared is waiting for the inevitable mockery but it doesn’t come. Jensen just looks carefully at the food, the water bottle, and Jared as though he's not sure what to make of it all. “Thanks,” he finally says, sinking to the bench opposite Jared to open his sandwich.

It's certainly not gourmet, no more than the lunches Jared's mother used to pack for him on field trip days back in elementary school, but they both plow through their meals until there's nothing but plastic and paper left on the table between them.

“Did we shoot here once?” Jensen asks when he's swallowed the last of his water and actually bothers to take a look around.

With a chuckle, Jared shakes his head. “We're, like, twenty minutes outside of Portland, Sleeping Beauty.”

Jensen concedes with a middle finger and a roll of his eyes. “You have no idea where we're going, do you?”

“Not a clue,” Jared finally admits, standing from his seat to wipe crumbs from the thighs of his jeans. “We have two days before we fly back to LA for the summer. We can either pick a road and keep driving or we can head back home. I just thought it might be fun to get out for awhile, just us, but if you wanna go back, we can.”

Jared doesn't want to turn around and head home. He wants a couple of days with Jensen, away from the distractions of their lives and everything that will call for their attention during their time off, but he's not going to hold the guy against his will or anything.

“Well, if we keep heading south, we're gonna end up in LA anyway,” Jensen finally points out, just as Jared is about to get discouraged. “So I vote East.”

Jared knows he's grinning like an idiot when he nods. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Better than your half-ass plan at least,” Jensen teases as they walk back toward the truck. “You want me to drive for awhile?”

A part of Jared wants to decline, to fill Jensen in on how much he's been loving the drive itself. Another part knows, though, that Jensen will just fall asleep again if he's not in control of the vehicle, so Jared tosses him the keys and climbs into the passenger's seat.

Who's behind the wheel isn't really the most important part of this trip to Jared anyway.
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