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Just wanted y'all to know that [livejournal.com profile] yasmine32068, who also did the podfic for "Where I Want to Go" (The Disclaimer Prequel), has just finished Disclaimer: We Will Not Be Held Responsible. . . and I love so much about it, I don't even know where to start. Click the link for the original Disclaimer, the prequel, and music from the podfic.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] too_rational was awesome enough to convert my newest story, Creative Control, into a PDF, which you can download by clicking on the title.

I seriously have the coolest flist in the world - y'all rock my socks.
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Title: A Very Disclaimer Christmas
Author: [livejournal.com profile] raeschae
Pairing: J2 (Everybody else makes an appearance here, too)
Rating: PG-13 (for your average, run of the mill Disclaimer language, and a few mild sexual situations)
Word Count: 19K+

Summary:Jensen hasn’t talked to his parents in 10 years. Now they’re coming to Santa Monica for a big, family Christmas. Which, of course, won’t be weird at all.
Part of the Disclaimer 'Verse. This time, it's not necessary to read any of the preceeding stories first, though. Unless you want to.

Thanks: To my beta, [livejournal.com profile] neutraldeviance, and to [livejournal.com profile] vamphile for the input and the support.

A/N: I decided not to make this a chapter fic, but it was too big to post all in one fell swoop, so it's in three parts. Hope it doesn't confuse anyone else as much as it confused me figuring out how to post it! Sheesh!

Graphics (by me) are under the cut, as per usual.

We got your Christmas cheer right here
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Five chapters, 23,110 words, and one huge re-write later . . . the disclaimer sequel is FINISHED. Well, the final two chapters still need to be beta'd, and I have to run through it all again, as well as whip up some sexy-ass art and decide on a final name, but the story . . . is finished.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their support and encouragement. To those of you who kept me distracted when I needed it, and urged me keep going? I've said it before and I'll say it this time, too - y'all are the BEST. EVER. All in caps.

If I can get my ass in gear with the art, you should see the first chapter some time this weekend, hopefully.
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So I'm working on the disclaimer!sequel, One Call, as most of you already know. If I let it take over my entire life, it will, so I'm trying to give myself breaks. During one of these aforementioned breaks, I was playing around with an idea and came up with a copy of the Macy's ad that Jared and Jensen are shooting in Hey Man, Nice Shot.

You can find that picture either at the bottom of the story, or at my disclaimer!verse Master Art Post if you're interested.

And I wanna say a quick 'thanks' to everyone who's been so awesome in encouraging me to with the writing of the sequel to this story. As I've told some of you, it's a little more intense than the other stories, so it's taking more out of me mentally than I thought it would. But y'all are the best ever which, ya know, helps. A lot.

Alright - that's it. Biggest Loser viewing party at my place in fifteen and I haven't had dinner yet! It's rude to eat in front of people that are on a diet, right? Yeah, I should go eat. Enjoy the art!
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Alright, so the purpose for this post is three-fold.

I just wanted to give everyone a head's up. I finally stumbled onto an outline that I'm happy with for the full-on Disclaimer sequel. It is tentatively titled One Call and will pick up about a year and a half after the epilogue of the first story. The summary is as follows: One call can change your life forever. . .

Of course, the first reason I'm throwin' this out there is because (being as I'm pretty sure the whole of my flist has friended me because of this 'verse) I wanted to give you a teeny, tiny morsel of a taste for what's to come. Hopefully, it'll get you amped for the next installment - I know I am.

The second reason is that I wanted to let y'all know I don't intend to start posting this story until it's completed . I'll still post a chapter at a time, but I have learned that I have a tendency to slack off if I post before I finish writing. So it might be a little while before you see something new from me. (Unless, of course, some plot bunny scampers into my brain and insists on being played with for a minute or two.)

And finally, I have a request. Here's the thing - I'm really excited right now about writing this story, but it's a BIG undertaking. I refuse to sequelize any story unless I feel like it's going to be worthy of standing next to the original. This one is going to be different and it's going to take a lot of dedication and focus on my part.

Problem? I'm not so good with that sometimes - the focus and whatnot. So I guess I'm askin' for patience. And if I post up the occasional 'bitch, bitch, FML, whine, moan, bitch' post here, just remind me to suck it up and get back to work, alright? It's all about the tough love, guys, and I really, really wanna make this story worthy of the rest of the 'verse.

And that is all. Back to your regularly scheduled Friday night . . .


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