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I know I'm posting like a maniac lately - I don't know what my problem is.

So anyway, awhile ago, I thought it would be cool to manip a Slinging Ink group shot. I referenced it once in a fic, and I wanted to make it happen, but then other things took precedence and I realized that I'm really not that talented. Not when it comes to putting seven people in a picture together and making it look like they didn't come from seven separate pictures, anyway. I scrapped the idea and considered it done forever.

And then I got this new book of vintage movie art the other day, and I've been inspired to create all sorts of random shit. One of the things I tried turned out to be a pretty cool shot of Disclaimer!Sophia, so I used the same technique for the whole Slinging Ink crew, and decided, 'What the hell? I'll just post 'em for everyone to see.'

I guess, if you were ever wondering what Jared's crew looks like, now you'll know. *shrugs* Who knows? Maybe some day I'll get to Jensen's Ollie kids, too.

Disclaimer Jared Jared: Owner
Disclaimer Chad Chad: Script Specialist
Disclaimer Sophia Sophia: Portrait Goddess
Disclaimer Katie Katie: Expert in all things girlie
Disclaimer Genevieve Genevieve: Receptionist/Web Master
Disclaimer Sandy Sandy: Business Manager

I realized, after I got this post all together, that I don't have a picture of Steve. The thing is, I've looked for pics of the man in a clear enough quality, with enough skin to tat, and I just keep comin' up empty-handed. If you have one, I'd love to ink him up!
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