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Title: Can Take Care of Myself (a disclaimer!verse SexShot) 1/1
Author: [livejournal.com profile] vamphile
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] raeschae
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word Count: 1500ish

Summary: Jared thinks he has to look out for Jensen. He’s about to learn that Jensen can take care of himself, and Jared, just fine.

A/N: Back at the beginning of the week, I told [livejournal.com profile] vamphile that I was having a bad day and I wanted some disclaimer!porn to make me feel better. Because she’s an absolute goddess, she wrote this for me, and managed to capture the sex I vaguely describe in Technicolor, leg-numbing, Surround-Sound. I was going to keep it just for me, but I figured you guys might like to experience it, as well. I hope you enjoy it!

OH, and there’s another OneShot, entitled Like a Virgin ready to be posted tomorrow afternoon. So, uh . . . mark your calendar?

It all happened so fast. One minute there’s some asshole, smells like a the floor of the bar, sayin’ something pointless about faggots and eyeliner and public displays of what the fuck ever and the next, there’s a guy who used to think he didn’t have to be afraid of faggots facing down a very pissed off Jared.

Jensen tried to stop him (a little), but really? Once the guy called him a lily-white-assed-little-girl, ought-to-just-be-givin’-it-away-on-the-streets faggot, Jensen knew that even his awesome negotiation skills, (kissing Jared and saying, ‘ignore him man, c’mon’, while simultaneously moving Jared’s hand back to his crotch) weren’t going to work so he just made sure he had Jay’s back.

The good news? No one’s gonna sue.

The bad news? Jared's opponent got in a few shots. Then Jensen and Tommy and Mike and Chad all stepped in and the guy needed more friends if he was gonna take on five guys at once. Stupid really.

An hour later and back at home, he tosses the ice pack to Jared, who puts it on his eye. “Fuckin’ fucker. Kill him next time.”

“Good, looking forward to the conjugal visits.”

“Bite me.”

“Was hopin’ that’s where the evening was headed, before you became my fearless defender.”

“Said you were a girl.”

“And I cared.”

Jared shakes his head and Jensen decides talk is overrated. Instead he goes back to his original plan, the one before the asshole at the bar and the ice packs and checking knuckles for breaks. Fucking kid works with his hands. Should kick people, not punch them. But he can’t change who Jay is, wouldn’t if he could, so he pops open Jared’s fly and takes him, still soft and warm into his mouth.

He loves that feel, the twitching rapid growth as Jared moans like something feels good, instead of the stupid pain and bruises he’s gonna be working around for the next couple days.

He pulls back, tonguing and working his lips around the shaft, using suction and heat as well as movement and pressure and it’s just a skill, like any good board move, Jensen figures. Something you just practice 'til it’s second nature to do it right, but dammit if it’s not better somehow with Jared than with the guys he knew before him.

Yeah, fate, kismet, and some fucking hot ass motherfucking sex. They just fit together. He doesn’t talk about it because he isn’t a fuckin’girl, despite was the asshole at the bar said. Plus he knows that Jared knows it too, feels it just as hard, just as strong, so instead he takes him to the back of his throat and looks up to watch Jared's reaction.

Jared's head is thrown back, his neck long and arched and if Jensen didn’t already have his cock in his mouth, he’d totally go spend some time scraping his teeth over that Adam’s apple until Jared forced him to do something more productive. Fun game to play, seeing how long Jared will wait, feel the good before he needs more, needs to feel the better.

He pulls off and lets his smile stay wicked like he knows it is, starting with a kiss, one of those gentle ones that say “we’ve got time” and they do. Brayden’s away for the night at a friends house, and they’ve got all the time in the world to just remember why they like being naked together so much.

He traces his tongue around Jared's Adam’s apple while his body, still fully dressed, presses against Jared.

Jared grinds his hard cock into Jensen's denim covered thigh and lets out a low moan that makes Jensen moan too.

“Gonna get you there. Gonna take my time, work you over, Jay. Gonna make you so crazy you beg.”

Jared's already close to begging and his hands come up and grip Jensen's hips, pulling him forward so he can rut into them. Jensen pulls his hands away.

“Keep the ice on your hand or this ends now.”

Jared looks up, doesn’t believe him, clearly, but Jensen moves like he’s gonna leave and Jared is quick to put the ice back over his split knuckles.

Jensen smiles and bites Jared's ear, hard. “Gonna kiss down every one of these fuckin’ bruises. You stupid motherfucker. Stupid stupid kid, you’re on TV, you get that right? Can’t go beatin’ up every homophobe who doesn’t like my eyeliner.”

“Can try,” is Jared's witty retort and Jensen chuckles darkly against his ear and then follows the path of the dragon down his neck, biting at his favorite spot, not caring if he leaves a mark. Someone else marked his boy today and that’s so fuckin’ far from okay you can’t even see it from here. He moves down Jared's body, licking and sucking at the ‘J’ on his sternum, holding his body away from Jared's just enough that he can’t rub one off on him.

When he moves to bite Jared's nipple there’s a grunt, a groan, and an “oh god.”

Jensen continues to work, his hands sliding down Jared's torso, hitting all the points that make him crazy, followed by his mouth, following his tattoos like a treasure map. They kind of are, each one with meaning and memories attached, each one saying the same fucking thing in the end. I love you, you stupid fucking moron .

His hands are gripping Jared's hips when he pulls back and flips the kid over. He’s got no delusions, Jared wants this. You don’t manhandle someone Jay’s size that easily unless he lets you.

Jensen starts back at his neck, his hands running up over his scalp and through his dark soft hair while he bites and licks along the knobs of his vertebrae. He finds a bruise there, a large fist-shaped purple spot below Jared's shoulder blade and tamps down the anger, kissing it wetly instead, breathing open-mouthed over it. Loving the way Jared's body responds to every move he makes. He keeps tonguing and moving, until he’s pulling Jared's ass apart and licking over his hole.

Kid’s a whore for a rim job, a motherfucking junkie for what it feels like, and not ashamed to chase the feeling, his ass pushing back into Jensen's face. Jensen growls low because he knows how much Jay loves the way that feels. He pulls him apart and turns him inside out, just with his tongue and his fingers and Jared is begging now, even if he doesn’t know it.

“Jen, gotta have it, give it to me, fuck me hard and just… Jen, gotta, you gotta, Jen, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

And Jensen has never heard a better idea in his life. He slides the lube over his cock and thinks about something that isn’t Jared moaning into his pillow and about a second away from sitting up and taking what he wants. There’s a short window of opportunity to tease Jared, and Jensen's perfected it by now. He drapes his body over Jared’s, whispering against his shoulder.

“Gonna fuck you so hard, gonna open you up, turn you inside out and leave you here, ice packs and sore muscles and my come leaking out your ass. Such a whore for it, goddamn slut for my cock, so fucking hot the way you want it. And I’m gonna give it to you, Gonna…”

And then he slams in, hearing the startled sound that he loves, and as far as windows of opportunity go, the shortest is the amount of time between him being balls deep and Jared being a demanding and pushy little bitch.

Today it starts immediately. He clenches around Jensen and tries to fuck himself on Jensen's dick.

Jensen holds his hips, digging his nails in then starting to move, slower than Jared wants but too controlled for Jared to do anything about it. He keeps the slow deep fucking up for awhile until Jared is literally quivering as Jensen's dick hits his prostate on every slide and Jensen's mouth continues to make promises. Finally Jensen figures the kid’s had enough torture for the night and speeds up, his hand meeting Jared's and jerking him off while he revels in the tight perfect heat that is his boyfriend, his… his fucking world.

He comes just as Jared does and when they collapse Jensen's still inside him and Jared's pressed into his own wet spot and they’re messy, disgusting even, but nothing’s ever felt more right.

He kisses Jared's neck and pulls out slowly. “I’ll get you another ice pack.”

Jared mumbles something incoherent and Jensen rolls over, wrapping his arms around him. Fuck it, the ice pack can wait.

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